The more you start hearing about his partying, the more crazy the whole thing is. By like 87, he was out all night, every night. I’m surprised he remained a top tier heavyweight as long as he did. A testament to his youth and absolute freak genetics.

Personally, I make like ’86 Tyson the favorite against anyone in history. He’s a 2 handed Joe Frazier with twice the dynamism and chin, an equal hook, but coupled with a bonecrunching right hand.

I know humans have to label things, so we use buzzwords like heart – when really, he was just no longer the best heavyweight, due to his lifestyle. Ironically though, it was his losses where we see the full extent of his arsenal. His chin is absolute iron, and he never stops coming forward. Even when he’s dead on his feet, and he has all-time great punching super heavies wailing on him, he still moves forward.

In a videogame, every stat would be at 100. IMO.

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