I'd like to get some opinions on some schools I'm considering as well as my plan of action. I'm in Los Angeles, and I was hoping to primarily learn here:


And then look at this spot as they offer Sanda:


I've had some emails with a guy from the first link and he says that they don't do much two person work but the theory and his background from videos seems to be good, and then I'd be able to work on implementing what I've learned there at the other Sanda class. The reason I'm not considering just the second link alone is perhaps superficial, but they just seem spread thin on the curriculum in comparison to the very focused first group (and I'm not super interested in their primary external kung fu focus). After looking at these groups, do you have any suggestions? My primary goal is to dive into internal martial arts (xingyi, taijiquan, and bagua) and then work on pressure testing them with noncompliant partners. Perhaps finding something like a mixed sparring group would be better, but I just don't know what the best course of action is. Suggestions welcome.

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