Inmates in prisons and jails across the United States are especially vulnerable to contracting the coronavirus, and to that end, some states have instituted safety measures and even let some non-violent offenders walk. That said, some states haven’t taken enough action in protecting those housed in penitentiaries and local jails from COVID-19, and Meek Mill is encouraging his fans and followers to make some noise about it.

On Wednesday (March 25), Meek Mill explained to his fans how they could advocate for REFORM Alliance’s new S.A.F.E.R. Plan to protect incarcerated people from contracting COVID-19.

Mill’s criminal justice organization launched the S.A.F.E.R. Plan last week, which outlines how correctional facilities and supervision offices can prevent the spread of the pandemic amongst its inmates and the guards and staff who leave from those facilities daily and make contact with the general public.

“We’re fighting hard, but we need everyone’s voice right now. Talk to your Governor today and tell him to protect people behind bars from #COVID19. Safer prisons = safer communities,” the Philly rapper tweeted along with a link to REFORM Alliance’s digital tool.

Currently, most jails and prisons across America don’t provide adequate environments to implement CDC and WHO-recommended social distancing and self-quarantine practices for the 2.3 million inmates who are incarcerated.

Since his own experience with incarceration, Meek Mill has been an outspoken figure for criminal justice reform. This new call for action is just the latest in his attempts to improve conditions for inmates.

See Meek Mill’s statements below.

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