UPDATE | Don Diablo has tweeted about the video apologizing to those who felt it was insensitive. As we previously mentioned, the intent of the video was positive, only poorly.

Everyone wants to do something good to ease others’ suffering and anxieties during this tumultuous time, but consideration should be given to how one goes about doing that. It’s hard to think that an entire team saw this video from Don Diablo, from storyboarding to concept to approval, and still decided to put it out.

In theory, the video has a good message. “WE are facing difficult times but WE are in this TOGETHER,” Don Diablo writes in the caption. “Let’s stay strong, support each other and create an even better FUTURE on OUR beautiful planet.” Not so bad, right?

Unfortunately, the content of the video undermines the message it promotes, depicting CGI recreations of some of the year’s worst disasters so far, including COVID-19 (depicting it in particular with a caption reading Wuhan, China, rather than the name of the virus, something most have labeled as being dangerous to inciting racial prejudice), the Iran airplane missile incident, and, most egregiously, the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant in February.

Don Diablo already deleted the tweet with the offending content, though it remains up on Instagram, where the replies are comparatively far more positive. Still, the replies on Twitter don’t disappear when you delete a tweet out of shame.

Plenty have already shared screen recordings of the video, as well, to make sure others are aware of what he tried to sweep under the rug. An apology would be a good first step, but it’s unclear if one is coming as keeping the Instagram video up, a social share with more positive reactions, implies he doesn’t think the content is wrong, just that he wants to hide the negativity it has unleashed in his replies.

We will update this article if and when an apology is issued. Until that time, see replies to the original tweet below.


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