Having only barely caught a glimpse of Gesaffelstein at Coachella 2015, he was absolutely one to see on my bucket list. But for a while, I never thought it would happen. Then he came back with HYPERION and announced a new tour, ‘Requiem,’ and my dreams finally came true.

By the time the show rolled around in November 2019 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, he’d already played Coachella and his vantablack stage was well-documented. But seeing it in person along with Gesaffelstein’s iconic style of techno, house, and electro was, well, electrifying. The room was mostly dark apart from the interspersed lights on stage and the glint of Gesa’s own mirrored suit.

The set itself was less like his newest album and more a true stand to form for older fans. It was dark and grungy, with a couple lighter moments, but definitely what everyone was expecting nonetheless.

Now, everyone there and everyone else who wasn’t able to experience it can listen to that set at their leisure. You can check out the stream below!


Photo courtesy of Coachella

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