, Time to pray.

Well, today is June 1st, and it’s supposed to be the big day that Erika and I announce our huge Mix and Match Travel Agency giveaway…but in light of what’s happening in our country right now, as much as we like to be light in the darkness and would love to go all out for a giveaway today, it is just not the time.

You know what it is the time to do?


Erika and I talked this weekend and decided that instead of reading our blogs this week, we would love for you to take those several minutes every day and pray.

There is a lot in this world you could be praying about right now, so if you’re a person of faith, that’s what we’re hoping you do this week during the time you normally read our blogs.

If you have any specific prayer requests right now about things you would like someone to pray over, feel free to leave it in the comment section of my post or email me. [email protected]

I will be praying this week over our country, our world and over any prayer requests you share.

God bless you all so very much. xo Shay

, Time to pray.

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